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Testament Winery |on Wine Prague 2023

10.03.2023 |

Testament Winery is located in the wine-growing region of Northern Dalmatia, in the immediate vicinity of the medieval city of Šibenik, Croatia. Planted over 15 years ago, vineyards are located on hillsides that descend to the Adriatic Sea, providing a permanent breeze which is reflected in the wine. The grapes grow under harsh conditions - in the limestone karst with less than 20 % soil - and in a constant struggle to flourish. As a result, they give premium wines. The advantages of the region's specific microclimate and soil give them a particularly rich and complex flavor. With more than 50 hectares of vineyards our production is based on indigenous Croatian grape varieties. As a sustainable oriented winery, we are proud that all of our wines are produced in complete compliance with the principles of organic production. 


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