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14. – 15. 5. 2024 8th edition of the international
trade fair for wine professionals


22.03.2024 |

"It was 1771 when Nicolas Gazain, a French colonist coming from the Franche Comté region, from the village of Déservillers, visited Čejč at the invitation of Maria Theresa. This area has a rich history and picturesque nature, with its forests, caves and magnificent waterfalls, that can enchant any visitor. It is an area with fine wines, including interesting yellows and straws. It is 2018, when Jiří Gazaň establishes the GW winery. Jiří did not inherit a vineyard from his ancestors, nor did he inherit the experience and instructions "how to make wine". He worked his way into wine over time with a love of history. You could say "the wine found him on its own". The goal of our winery is to produce small batch wines of excellent quality. Another of our unassuming goals is to create a portfolio of customers with whom we will work closely on the theoretical and practical aspects of winemaking. Whether we are succeeding in this is for you to judge! Our friends, friends, customers." Michal Gazaň, GAZAŇ WINERY 


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