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Societa agricola vigne matte |at the Wine Prague 2019

05.03.2019 |

Home to Vigne Matte vineyards, the Rolle area situated within the DOCG zone of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene is particularly suitable for the production of high quality Prosecco. Vigne Matte vines face the south and south-west, thus, they are exposed to the sun during the day's hottest hours. Planted on hills whose altitude ranges from 300 to 350 meters above sea level, they benefit from a summer breeze that blows in the evening mitigating summertime temperatures and guaranteeing the right thermal setting from day to night a factor that's extremely important for obtaining high quality grapes. In fact, the vineyards are terraced and uniformly illuminated by the sun which allows for improved maturation and a limited use of treatments. Important grape selection processes are carried out on the vines which are fundamental for guaranteeing the final product's quality.
The 'Green Harvest' technique is employed; it implies limiting the production of each vine, leaving only the healthiest grapes that are best exposed to the sun. Discarded grapes are cut and fall to the ground. This operation is carried out at various times before completing the maturation process and it gains particular importance for vines dedicated to producing red wines. The vineyards are worked by Vigne Matte's trusted personnel. The vine's low yield allows us to obtain maximum extraction of scents and aromas, strengthening the wine's structure.


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